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Notarization is the authentication of a document as genuine or the verification that a statement was made under oath. The person who makes this authentication or verification is a public official, the Notary Public. Notarization provides assurance that the particular document is authentic and intended to be in force. Common notary acts we are allowed are to notarize;

  1. Acknowledgments. Its objective is positive identification of the document signer — to verify that the person named in the document is, in fact, the person who signed it. This is an important step leading to a document’s acceptance by a county recorder.
  2. Jurats. Its objective is to compel a document signer to be truthful. In executing a jurat, the Notary must watch the person sign the document, then have the signer make either a solemn, oral promise of truthfulness to a Supreme Being (called an oath) or a promise on one’s own personal honor (called an affirmation). This process can result in a criminal conviction if the signer commits perjury.
  3. Copy Certification. The object is a photocopy of a document is a complete and true reproduction of the original.
  4. Other Notary Acts. These include accepting proofs of execution from a subscribing witness, protesting nonpayment of negotiable instruments on behalf of a payee, and taking depositions.

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Signing Agent

Notary Signing Agent responsibilities are generally include printing loan documents, meeting the signer and notarizing their signature, and quickly returning the documents for processing. NSAs are also responsible for following any additional instructions from the lender, Title Company or signing service that hires them for loan closing work.

Since Notary Signing Agents have access to private financial information about borrowers and are sent into their client's home, the mortgage finance industry requires all Signing Agents to undergo a background screening on an annual basis. This helps prevent mortgage fraud and ensures the consumer's information is secure.


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