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Perhaps you have found yourself considering over the choice to prepare your own taxes or pay to use a tax professional to prepare your annual tax return. Although the notion of using an online tax filing site or purchasing tax software seem like a good idea, there are important benefits to handing over your tax preparation  to the tax professionals. These are the advantages why our client use our services to prepare their personal, business, estate, and trust tax returns.

  1. Money Savings.  The ability to save you money on your tax return. Communicating with our clients give us the opportunity to learn their situation and by being aware of the current tax laws, we will be able to identify deductions and credits that they don’t know.
  2. Time Savings. From start to finish, completing your own tax return will take an estimated 20 hours. This time includes organizing your forms and files to completing and submitting your returns, but does not include the time that you will spend wondering and worrying if you’ve completed your filing correctly! By turning over the responsibility to our tax professional, our clients do not have to worry if they completed their tax return correctly, the times to takes to organize their forms for filing, or the time it takes to actually complete their tax return on their own. Our clients tell us that the time savings is obvious and the reduction in stress very important.
  3. Reduce Risk. With extensive training, experience, and by staying current with the tax environment, we will minimize the chances that errors will be made on your return. This will more than likely decreases the chance that you’ll be subject to an audit.
  4. Assistance with Audits. In the event that you are audited by the IRS, you can rest assured that your professional tax preparer will be there to assist. We will be the professional that you can go to in case of an audit to respond to IRS inquiries.
  5. Peace of Mind. Every year our goal is to provide our clients with the ability to relax because of our professionalism in preparing their taxes. We know our client’s tax situation, which saves them preparation time each year, finds you deductions and credits that reduce your tax liability, and assist you in case of an A tax advisor, also known as an enrolled tax agent or certified public accountant, is an accounting professional who specializes in the complex U.S. tax code, and who uses that knowledge to help taxpayers minimize their tax burden to Uncle Sam.


Our Tax Accountant & Bookkeeper serves clients across Dallas, Tarrant County, Denton County, and the surrounding areas.

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