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A notary—or signing agent—is an individual who is present at the signing of certain documents to act as an impartial observer. Notaries are often brought in to make sure that the individuals signing the document are of sound mind, are not signing under duress, are not trying to commit fraud, and more. Working with a signing agent is required for many different documents, so consider contacting one you can trust. Tax Plus ETC is here to provide assistance to clients throughout the Dallas, TX area; learn more today.

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Copy Certifications, Acknowledgements, and More

As your signing agent, we can provide assistance with many different notary acts, including:

  • Taking Depositions
  • Accepting Proof of Execution from a Subscribing Witness
  • Proof of Execution
  • Copy Certification
  • Acknowledgments
  • Jurats
  • Protesting Nonpayment of Negotiable Instruments

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Tax Plus ETC is committed to providing you with the most reliable service possible. If you need a signing agent in the Dallas, TX area, then consider giving us a call. Speak to a professional and learn more about how we can help today.

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